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Frequently Asked Questions about our Massages...

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  • When should I schedule my massage?
  • Ideally you will schedule your massage when you reserve your stay at Cherry Ridge Retreat but as long as we are given at least three days’ notice we should be able to book your massage as close to your requested time as possible.
  • How should I prepare for my massage?
  • Your Massage Therapist may ask some questions about your health history and about your current health condition to determine that it is safe for you to have a massage. They will also seek to find out about areas in which you would most benefit from a deeper massage such as your shoulders, for example.
  • I’m very self-conscious about my body, can you ease my worries?
  • No worries! Our Massage Therapists are Professionals; they’ve seen and worked on every body type imaginable . Their only concern is to provide you with the best massage experience possible.
  • Do I have to get completely undressed for my massage?
  • No. You are welcome to wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable wearing during your massage. Our Massage Therapists will not watch as you undress and as you situate yourself on the massage table, draping yourself. With that said please remember you may not get as much out of a massage if you are wearing a suit of armor as you would if you were unclothed but either way our Massage Therapists will provide you the best massage experience possible. Many people find that wearing underwear or a bathing suit helps them to be comfortable while enjoying a great massage experience.
  • Can I have someone with me even if they are not getting a massage?
  • Yes, of course you are welcome to have someone with you but it is best that they remain a wallflower as the massage experience is about you and is between you and your Massage Therapist. You and your Massage Therapist need to be tuned in to each other for your ultimate massage benefit; the other person with you should read a good book or relax in a nearby hot tub or hammock if they are not part of a Couples Massage experience.
  • How do I know that I will benefit from my massage? My aches and pains are different.
  • Every massage is tailored to our guest. Our Massage Therapist will concentrate their efforts on techniques that will specifically target your sore or tight muscles and will work your troubled areas to give you maximum benefit and relief.
  • Besides feeling better, are there other benefits to this massage?
  • There are many benefits to receiving a massage, here are just a few: Massages help rid the body of toxins • Massages increase Lymphatic and Venous flow • Helps to break up and loosen subcutaneous scar tissue • Increased nutrition to the cells and skin • Increases Red and White blood cell count • May reduce certain types of Adema • Increases respiration to the skin • Relieves Joint aches and pains • Promotes good posture • Improves tone and texture of the skin • Assists digestion • Causes release of natural endorphins • promotes relaxation • totally caps off a wonderful stay at Cherry Ridge Retreat!
  • Are our Massage Therapists licensed?
  • Our Massage Therapists are fully licensed with the State Medical Board of Ohio and have well vetted backgrounds. Their primary concern is for you, for your health, comfort, relaxation and satisfaction. Their customer service ethic puts you first. We assure you that you are in very good hands!
  • Is it customary to tip Massage Therapists?
  • There is no obligation nor requirement to tip your Massage Therapist but YES, if you are pleased with your massage you you may want to tip your Massage Therapist directly. Massage Therapists only work when massages are scheduled so they do rely on tips. It is customary to tip from 15-25% depending on your level of satisfaction and they really appreciate it.